End of Tenancy Clean London

End of Tenancy Cleaning London – All you Need to Know

You need an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

The time for you to move out has come and it’s also time to do some thorough cleaning to the house you’re leaving. Up until now, you’ve heard about the End of Tenancy Cleaning. However, what is it exactly and what do you have to do? 

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning London

The End of Tenancy Cleaning basically refers to the obligation of the tenant to leave the apartment, or house, clean for the following tenants. This is a tedious and time-consuming obligation. Moreover, if not done properly, can even cause you to lose your deposit money, as the owner might keep it, in order to have the house deep cleaned himself.

However, is the deep cleaning an obligation of the former tenant, or of the landlord? This certainly depends on the tenancy agreement that you have. Most modern ones state that the tenant has to professionally clean the house before he moves out. So before taking any actions, check your tenancy agreement, and if it’s stated proceed to finding a company to do the End of Tenancy Cleaning for you. Of course, you can do it by yourself but think about it only if you have adequate equipment and time. Remember that your deposit is on the line. 

What does the End of Tenancy Cleaning London Include

In the tenancy agreement, it is usually agreed that the property will be delivered in the same condition that the tenants found it.

What is required for the deep cleaning is a top to bottom cleaning of the house. With that being said, the tenant must pay attention to every single room of the property and make sure that by the end of the cleaning, the house is sparkling clean. Beware, as landlords and inventory clerks use very strict checklists to check the condition of the whole property.

Can it be Done Without Professional Cleaners?

In most of the cases, it is advised to hire a specialist cleaning service to do the End of Tenancy cleaning. However, you can do it yourself if any of the following applies to your situation: 

  • If you have been thorough in your cleaning throughout your whole stay in the property
  • If the apartment, or house, is unfurnished 
  • If you have experience in cleaning

Even in these cases, though, you might still need to buy some specialized equipment, as you’ll probably need some carpet steamers.

Find Good Service for End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

In big cities, like London, it’s easy to find specialists in the End of Tenancy Cleaning London. First of all, it will be good for you to search for the small local businesses that are specialized in cleaning around your area. Your friends and neighbours might be able to recommend you to a good company. Also, most of the large cleaning companies serve a large number of areas. So, you can check in with them to see if your apartment is in this particular perimeter.

The average cost for a 2 bedroom apartment in London can vary from £120 – £240. The price depends on a number of factors, but what influences it the most is the size of the property. Some services might also be charged extra, like the carpet cleaning and the outdoor windows’ cleaning.