10 Awesome Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

Going out on weekends has never run out of style. The common scenario however that is always likely to happen to you is that you will be having a hard time going through your wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit to wear. This struggle is almost true to all women. Here are tips on how to mix up your clothing styles and still look good during your night outs.

1.      Let go of old clothes.

There is a simple trick to determine which clothes will remain in your closet and which ones need to go. Just ask yourself if your closet is the store, which of the clothes you would be buying. One of the ways to spend less in front of your closet is to color coordinate your clothes so that you can easily choose. All the clothes you will not be using anymore should be donated or given away.

2.      Plan your shopping for a big event.

If ever you find yourself attending a black-tie event and in need for clothes, you are guaranteed to be heading for shopping. When shopping for the dresses, put on the makeup, wear the shoes, and do the hairstyle for you to see the bigger picture when trying on dresses. Most importantly, put on good underwear. You wouldn’t want to ruin the dress because of the panty line you failed to consider.

3.      Prolong the life of your cashmere

The only way to ensure that your clothes made of cashmere last long is to purchase high quality items. Determining high quality cashmere is simple. You are looking for thick-knitted garments which pull back when you stretch it. If you have found one, you need to maintain the material by only hand-washing them in cold water.

4.      How to stretch new shoes

Tight shoes are sure to give you callouses. There may be a lot of methods to stretch the shoes to fit you by the morning but there is one of the most ingenious ever. Fill a couple of freezer bags with water. Place them inside your shoes then put the shoes in the freezer. You’ll be surprised by the morning!

5.      Always go for dressing up in seconds

The hours within a day cannot be stretched any longer thus if there is an easier way to dress, you must grab that opportunity. For instance, a bow tie is easier and stylish. If you need to trade high heels for flats for the day due to reasons, user clip on earrings on your flat shoes to make them look classy.

6.      You need to be smart in choosing a jacket

Never buy a jacket which is too wide or too tight. Everybody knows that it is very difficult to alter them. If the jacket does not fit your shoulder, put them back in the rack and do not buy them!

7.      There is a rule in showing some skin

This is very important – show them one at a time. Pay closer attention on how you coordinate your clothes. If your top is bringing attention to your cleavage, do not pair them with a miniskirt. And it’s the other way around also. How naked you are has never been the basis of how attractive you look.

8.      You are a queen. Treat yourself like one.

Health and beauty has always come hand-in-hand. Getting enough sleep is always one of the best recipes of your beauty. Beauty sleep is a very popular term and it should be practiced. While focusing on your beauty, also invest in your health by acquiring smooth linens for your bed.

9.      Let your clothes do the work

You will see people who are always rocking the right clothes. It’s not a mystery if you know how to accentuate your build. Wear clothes which are not only highlight your skin tone but also your build. Remember that V-neck makes the torso longer while nude pumps makes the legs look longer.

10.   Clothes need to be taken care of.

Having nice clothes is one thing, maintaining them is another. Always check the instructions on how to take care of the garments. User the appropriate detergents and invest on quality iron to preserve the materials and aesthetics of your clothes.